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Drug & Alcohol Free Rides

For the safety of the members, the Fairfax VA Chapter of H.O.G. has a "No Alcohol/Drug" Policy on all of the Chapter-sponsored rides.

Often during rides, groups stop at places that either serve alcohol or sell it as part of their normal stock (e.g. gas stations). Refrain from purchasing or drinking alcohol on these stops. If you are seen either purchasing or consuming alcohol on a Chapter ride, the Road Captain will ask you to leave the group immediately.

Often, the Chapter rides to restaurants that serve alcohol along with food. In these cases, the Chapter ride ends at the restaurant.  Drugs, whether or not prescribed, and that may impair your ability to safely operate a motorcycle, are not welcome on any Chapter-sponsored ride.

Riding a motorcycle requires significantly more concentration than driving a car. As a result, the Fairfax VA Chapter of H.O.G. strongly discourages the use of drugs and/or alcohol while riding and does not tolerate the use of drugs and/or alcohol while riding in any Chapter sponsored event.

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