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Our Involvement in Community & Charitable Events

The Fairfax VA Chapter of the Harley Owners Group (Fairfax VA H.O.G.) provides numerous opportunities for its members and guests to ride together, promotes safe riding skills and gives back to the community along the way. Each member takes pride in the community in which we live and ride. We have learned that we can build positive relationships within the community that contribute to the well being of both. Fairfax VA H.O.G. members and Harley riders in general have big hearts and take it upon themselves to help when we can and get involved.

Our activities in this area can be split into two segments; Community and Charity. In many ways they are the same thing, but there are differences. Both involve the dedication of resources such as time, effort and/or money. Community Activities generally involve participation in community sponsored events that educate, entertain or promote. Charity Activities generally involve financial support or gifts-in-kind to a recognized charity as defined by the IRS in Section 501-C3.

More detailed discussions of these segments follow.

Community Activities:

Our participation in community events promotes a better understanding of bikers and provides the opportunity for the community to learn about motorcycle riding and for us to show off our bikes. The bikes always generate interest and the opportunity to breakdown misconceptions and concerns. Some of the community activities that we participate in include:

  • Parades:
    Parades generally involve about twenty-five bikes for two to three hours. Parades are always fun for the spectators and the riders. The riders get to show off their bikes, introduce our Chapter and make a little noise. The spectators get a little closer to their dream of riding a Harley. Parades that Fairfax VA H.O.G. participates include:
    • City of Falls Church Memorial Day Parade
    • City of Fairfax Independence Day Parade
    • Town of Vienna Halloween Parade
  • Library Show & Tells:
    Library Show & Tells involve six to nine bikes for two to three hours on a Saturday usually in the summer months. Libraries look for hands-on opportunities to bring interesting subjects closer to their patrons, young and old. We take the opportunity to educate those who attend about safe motorcycle riding, how motorcycles work, how and where we ride and bike maintenance. We make every effort to equate the safety clothing and practices for motorcycles to the bicycles, scooters, etc. that the kids ride. Our hope is that someday they will be a safe motorcycle rider. Kids get to sit on the bikes and it is a great photo op. It is amazing how many of the moms and dads also have an interest. Over the years we conducted multiple Library Show & Tells involving many motorcycles and library patrons.
  • Adopt-a-Spot:
    Starting in April and three other times over the summer, chapter members pick up litter along Lee Highway and in front of City Hall in cooperation with the City of Fairfax Adopt-a-Spot Program. This ongoing effort has built a better relationship with the City and other service groups in the community. We also think it looks better.
  • Ride of the Patriots®:
    The Ride of the Patriots® is a signature event for both Fairfax VA H.O.G. and Patriot H-D and has grown to be a Memorial Day event for the City of Fairfax. The Ride of the Patriots® also includes a Community Parade and Opening Ceremony. The purpose of all of this is to remember the sacrifices and service of those who protect and defend our nation and our freedom, LEST WE FORGET. The event brings together neighbors, friends, relatives and over 2200 bikers from across the nation remember and give honor to these brave men and women. Community leaders, fire, police and rescue units, honor guards, high school bands and related groups participate.
  • Fairfax InterService Club Council:
    Fairfax VA H.O.G. is a member of this council of civic and service organizations. The Charter of this organization is to inform, coordinate and support the charitable and community activities and to provide a forum from which to solve problems and identify needed action.

Charitable Activities:

The Fairfax VA H.O.G. Chapter is not a charity institution, but its members take pride in being a positive influence in the community and helping those who are in need. The Chapter has a Charity Committee that represents the membership in the selection of its causes. Recommendations are made to the Board when changes are appropriate. Both the Committee and the Board are mindful of the need to keep these activities in perspective. Charity Policy and Guidelines have been developed to manage this activity in a consistent and open manner. Our goal is to balance our love for riding with our desire to be a positive influence within our communities.

Please see the Supported Organizations page for a partial list of some of the charities that we support.

Members of the Charity Committee or the Board welcome suggestions of charitable causes from the membership anytime. The membership is encouraged to participate in our community related activities that serve to promote our passion for riding Harleys in a positive and proactive manner. To volunteer, inquire and/or obtain additional information on Fairfax VA H.O.G.'s involvement in Community and Charitable activities, please e-mail [email protected].

Thank you for your help and support.

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